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Seminar: The Future of Apartment Living: Cutting Costs by Going Green

Is Apartment Living Really Better For The Environment?

Speaker: Professor Bill Randolph, Director of the City Futures Research Centre at the University of NSW, who leads a research team in urban development with a recent project on sustainability.

Bill's presentation: text (1.34 MB) | audio (23 mins, 5.26 MB)

How Can Eco-House Principles be Applied to Apartments?

Speaker: Michael Mobbs, Australia’s pre-eminent environmental expert consultant, with an interest in sustainable design for over 20 years. He advises about technology, design, environmental law and policy to Government, the private sector and community groups

Michael's presentation: text (1.9 MB) | audio (5.2 MB)

What are some of us already doing about it?

Speaker: Macey Kavalee, Secretary of The Pyrmont Apartments, which is at the forefront of the brave new world of environmental re-fits

Macey's presentation: text (1 MB) | audio (4.9 MB)

How can we make Apartments Greener & Sexier?

Speaker: Philip Thalis, award winning architect from Hill Thalis

Philip's presentation: audio (45 mins, 5.8 MB)

How do we Save Energy in Apartments?

Speaker: Craig Tupper, Manager of the Energy Savings Program, Department of Energy Utilities and Sustainability, NSW Government

Craig's presentation: text (1 MB)

How Much Progress Are We Making?

A panel of experienced EC members tell of how they have achieved considerable savings in water and energy consumption, and answer questions on that.

Panel Discussion: audio (45 mins, 10.2 MB)

Note: Unfortunately, some parts of the discussion are inaudible.

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