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Dealing With Defects Research Project

Building defects, and their rectification, are a major problem in residential strata buildings developments. Defects cause significant social and economic harm to residents, owners, owners’ corporations and other stakeholders within the broad ‘strata system’.

The objective of this research project was to:

+ Analyse the economic and social impacts of the current and publicly foreshadowed legislation with respect to building defects and the rectification process.
+ Develop advice relating to the wider social, economic and policy ramifications arising from current and proposed legislation to the handling of building defects in residential strata developments.

The Research Project was supervision of Dr Hazel Easthope and Prof Sue Holliday,
City Futures Research Centre
Faculty of Built Environment
University of New South Wales

Published by: City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales
First Published December 2014

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