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Building Defects - Consumers Lose More Protections

Anyone thinking to buy off-the-plan or into a new building in NSW will need to do their homework.  City Futures Research Centre found in 2012 that 85% of new buildings have defects.  And this month consumer protections were further reduced.   

The Home Building Act has been amended over 48 times since June 2000, and the Regulations over 80 times in the past 10 years. OCN looks at the fundamental consumer protections being sacrificed in the current proposals.

The current Bill includes some positive changes for owners, the construction industry and the community.  However those consumer benefits are vastly outweighed by the proposed reductions in protections for defective work. 

Efforts by the Shadow Minister, Tania Mihailuk, to move amendments to ensure the obligation for repairing defective work sits fairly with the person responsible, not innocent owners, were blocked by the government.  Those amendments:$file/c2014-043C.pdf

Watch Channel 10 News clip, featuring OCN Chair, Stephen Goddard.

Listen to ABC 702 Mornings with Linda Mottram & Stephen Goddard of OCN discussing the repercussions for owners and hear one caller's harrowing experience of living through defects rectification. 

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