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OCN Supporters

Strata Owners often seek contacts and referrals for good service providers. OCN supporters are strata service providers invited by referral from OCN members. They have supported OCN at the levels acknowledged:

  • A cloud based building management system for residential and commercial schemes.
  • Philip Chun
  • Providing expert consultancy and certification services for all building code, essential services and disability access compliance
  • Strata Sense
  • Our award winning strata services are innovative, fresh and customer focused.
  • Sydney Plumbing
  • is proud to support OCN and its mission to improve the strata industry.
  • LUNA Management
  • LUNA is committed to supporting an advocacy group serving residential strata owners.
  • Wattblock
  • Provides fast energy reports for stratas covering tariffs, LED, solar, microgrids and batteries.
  • Equity Lift Consultants
  • protecting owners' interests and saving them time and money.
  • Tinworth & Co.
  • Accountants with 30 years experience specialising in strata taxation and auditing services.
  • Strata Answers
  • Helping members and committees with those problems that made them join OCN.
  • Strata Central
  • Strata Central provides boutique strata management services and solutions with old-fashioned quality service.
  • NextGen Strata
  • 華人樓宇管家 Dedicated to serving Asian owners
  • Malyon Facilities Management
  • We work with Strata Committees to maximise livability and lot values in your strata.
  • Malyon Carvo Oakley Remedial Building
  • Our mission is to provide building services that surpass our customers' expectations.
  • Appollo One Property Group
  • Professional Real Estate office supporting strata owners.
  • Waterproofing Diagnostics
  • Independent advice to owners corporations seeking causes and remedies to any and all waterproofing issues.
  • Bells Access
  • We specialise in electronic building security to keep the people living in those buildings safe.