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Developer Bans Airbnb in New Apartments

A Melbourne-based developer is set to stop buyers from turning their apartments into Airbnb and other short-term rentals.
The Urban Developer

Airbnb drops nearly 80 percent of its private home listings ahead of new peer-to-peer rental law

OSAKA – Just over a week before a new law for minpaku (private lodging services) goes into effect, the popular rental website Airbnb has dropped nearly 80 percent of its listings for the services over the past three months.
The Japan Times
Eric Johnston

Barcelona Finds a Way to Control Its Airbnb Market

The city’s latest move to limit vacation rentals could come in handy for other cities trying out their own regulations. Last month, the city told the site to remove 2,577 listings that it found to be operating without a city-approved license, or face a court case potentially leading to a substantial fine. Then on June 1, Airbnb and the city launched a new agreement that gives Barcelona officials access to data about what’s being listed around town. For the first time, city officials will be able to refer to host data that details specifically where apartments are located and who their registered hosts are, something that could previously require substantial investigation. They will be able to track these hosts ID numbers to verify that their linked apartments do indeed have permission—and it will be far easier to pursue rule-breakers and, if necessary, fine them. Taken together, these measures have global significance for cities managing their own fights against out-of-control vacation rentals. 
City Lab
Feargus O'Sullivan

NSW government to impose 180-night cap on Airbnb properties in Sydney

The NSW government will impose a 180-day cap on the number of days empty properties can be rented in Sydney, and will give strata corporations the power to ban Airbnb in their buildings. The reforms will implement a two-strike policy, which would see hosts or guests who commit two serious breaches of the code within two years banned from using Airbnb and other similar platforms for five years, and placed on an exclusion register.
Sydney Morning Herald
Lisa Visentin & Alexandra Smith

NSW apartments face Airbnb bans, caps rolled out across Sydney

Some apartment owners in New South Wales could be banned from renting their properties on Airbnb, after the state government reached a compromise position on laws governing short-term holiday rentals. Strata owners corporations will be given the power to pass by-laws that prevent short-term letting in their block if the host does not live in the unit they are letting out. The new scheme was unveiled by Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean. Owners Corporation Network of Australia spokesman Stephen Goddard said he hoped party houses were a thing of the past. “The party houses are hopefully over. The fact that there’s a code of conduct will put an end to people’s amenity being destroyed by people on holiday without any concern about where they are,” he said.
The New Daily
Sarah Gerathy

Airbnb in NSW faces crackdown

Strata owners corporations will be given the power to pass by-laws that prevent short-term letting in their block if the host does not live in the unit they are letting out. The new scheme targets investors who buy up apartments to put on Airbnb, but allows owner-occupiers to continue renting spare rooms or entire units while they are not at home.
ABC News
Sarah Gerathy

Tenants Union claims Airbnb is twisting results of holiday letting report

The influential tenants' group behind a study frequently used by Airbnb to justify the spread of short-term holiday letting in NSW says  its research has been misconstrued by the online letting agency. Tenants Union of NSW officials accused Airbnb of cherry-picking the findings to support  its case and denied that they see no problem in the spread of Airbnb-style holiday lets into the residential market.
Australian Financial Review
Jimmy Thomson and Sue Williams

Developer Capital Alliance bans short-stay letting in new Melbourne apartment towers

A Melbourne developer will ban Airbnb and short-stay holiday letting from its new apartment developments in a bid to appease buyers.
Allison Worrall

Powerless in the face of the Airbnb juggernaut

Regulation of Sydney’s ever-growing commercial short-term accommodation sector doesn’t have to be difficult. It is basically about common-sense.  You can have genuine home sharing, and you can also have balanced regulation which protects the rights of everyone else.  The battle has already been fought, the lessons learnt, in cities around the world. Sydney just needs to do the same.
Sydney Morning Herald
Carol Giuseppi

Power to the strata: The push to ban Airbnb in apartment blocks

Airbnb should be banned within apartment blocks unless strata committees or owners corporations vote to allow the home-sharing service in the building, Liberal MP John Sidoti says. “I believe that government doesn’t know best,” said the parliamentary secretary. “Strata knows best ... It should be about empowering strata.”
Sydney Morning Herald
Jacob Saulwick

SurroundSound in vertical villages

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), poor sleep is associated with a doubling of heart attack risk and a possible four-fold increase in the risk of stroke. Along with smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet, the WHO believes poor sleep should be considered a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
CBD News
Columns & Skypad Living

Joseph Pollack has carparking space courtcase win

ERECTILE dysfunction doctor Joseph Pollak’s pricey Potts Point car space purchase has ended up in a costly court case win after almost three years of disputation with the owners corporation at the 1960s block, The Chimes.
Daily Telegraph
Jonathan Chancellor

Richard Glover on Airbnb

Richard Glover talks to the CEO of Tourism Accommodation Australia, Carol Giusseppi, about the facts and false fact regarding short term letting.  
ABC 702 Radio
Richard Glover

Airbnb swamps another Melbourne high-rise, EQ Tower, sparking new rules

A new shimmering 63-storey, $300 million skyscraper that was meant to provide private residential accommodation to Melbourne's booming inner city population has instead become a quasi-hotel with dozens of rooms listed by owners and investors on Airbnb,, Expedia and others.
Australian Financial Review
Larry Schlesinger

Government Must Arrest Airbnb Invasion

At least with WestConnex, the NSW government acquired homes.  Ours, on the other hand, could very well soon be invaded. On behalf of people who live in, and own apartments, consider this our last-minute plea for sensible, democratic reforms to short-term holiday letting. Owners should have the right to decide if short-term stays are allowed in our buildings.
St George & Sutherland Shire Leader
Stephen Goddard Comment