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The Unsung Victims of Gold Coast Body Corporates' Hard Line on Pet Ownership

Pet owners told to plan ahead if they wish to surrender their dogs by Denis Doherty GOLD COAST SUN   APRIL 09, 2015 THEY’RE the unsung victims of Gold Coast body corporate’s hard line on pet ownership. According to the Animal Welfare League, the number of pets surrendered due to owners moving to complexes that forbid pets, or forbid pets over a certain size, has doubled in the past year. AWL spokeswoman Brooke Whitney said the league’s Coombabah centre saw the number of pets left due to restrictive body corporate rules double in the first 10 weeks of this year as compared to the same period last year. The period saw 97 animals, 46 of which were dogs, surrendered to the league this year compared with just 49 animals, and only 14 dogs, during the same period last year. Ms Whitney said the dogs surrendered were much-loved family pets and having to part with their four-legged friends was devastating for their owners. “It’s heartbreaking for the family and distressing for the pets involved,” she said. She said given most of the surrenders were planned, the league was able to gain good histories for the pets involved which made rehoming them easier. However, the surrendered animals had an unwanted side-effect. “We don’t want to overcrowd our dogs in their kennels,” Ms Whitney said. “So when we have large dogs surrendered we have to put less dogs in each kennel. We have a waiting list for pets coming into the shelter so we encourage anyone wanting to surrender pets to plan ahead. We can take emergency surrenders but that puts pressure on the shelter.” She said while the shelter still saw all types of dogs, including purebreds, often they seemed to have runs of various breeds. “We had a run of shar-peis, and now we seeing a lot of cattle dogs. We’ve also had runs of beagles, purebred border collies and Rhodesian ridgebacks. All are highly active dogs so trying to rehome them involves looking for families that can exercise them and keep them stimulated while people are at work.” To adopt a pet, visit