Labor vows to create NSW strata commissioner | Owners Corporation Network

Labor vows to create NSW strata commissioner

NSW Labor says it will appoint a strata commissioner to advocate for apartment owners and residents on building defect issues if it wins the state election. “Strata is the fastest-growing sector of housing in the state, but our laws are so complicated and vested interests are always ready to confuse issues,” Labor’s innovation and better regulation spokeswoman Yasmin Catley said.  “It’s time strata owners had someone in power who is focused on their needs.” Owners Corporation Network of Australia Chairman Phil Gall has welcomed the strata commissioner proposal, but also calls for the creation of a ministry for housing that addresses wider issues. “Opal Tower is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “We welcome the announcements of both parties to address defects, but any reform must be robust and deliver real results.”
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