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Fair Trading to ban dangerous aluminium cladding in NSW

The same aluminium cladding that caused the deadly Grenfell Tower fire in London more than a year ago will be banned in NSW as of next Wednesday. It will be an offence to use the building product and corporations could be fined up to $1.1 million and individuals up to $220,000 for its installation. NSW Fair Trading said the ban would also apply retrospectively to buildings where the product was installed before the new rules were announced. Ms Stiles  said the the product ban did not go to the heart of the problem. “Those products were already banned. We don’t know need another ban, we need enforcement of the existing regulation. There’s been substitution and there’s been inadequate supervision,” Ms Stiles said. “The current regime of self-certification is letting down the community. It’s very concerning and the government needs to take action to ensure the community is protected from substituted, non-compliant products.”
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