Cracks showing as Fair Trading loses friends | Owners Corporation Network

Cracks showing as Fair Trading loses friends

Fair Trading, the unheralded and little-loved corner of the NSW department of Innovation and Better Regulation has always had its resources stretched to breaking point. It’s a vital service cursed by crazy variations in its responsibilities, ranging from dodgy retailers to real estate agents, from building regulations and broken toasters to, of course, strata. Now it seems the strain of the two headline issues of the past two years – Airbnb and flammable cladding – have taken their toll. I was hugely impressed earlier this year when Minister Kean stayed behind for an hour after introducing an Owners Corporation Network (OCN) seminar, standing in the foyer, answering questions from (mostly) angry strata owners. But there’s only so much one man can do. His portfolio covers something like 80-plus different pieces of legislation.
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