The ‘systemic’ issues plaguing the building industry for ‘decades’ | Owners Corporation Network

The ‘systemic’ issues plaguing the building industry for ‘decades’

From mushrooms sprouting from mouldy floors, to tradies cutting corners and “mates” certifying buildings, experts say systemic problems are plaguing the building industry, and our homes.  And while Sydney’s Opal Tower debacle thrust them into the spotlight and put further pressure on governments to act, they say issues have been going on for decades. A report last year revealed huge problems in the construction industry. It took three months for the government to release the report, a further several months for senior officers to meet about it and only next month are they gathering again to see where progress — if any — is at. Co-author of the Shergold and Weir report Building Confidence, Bronwyn Weir, said when she read about the Opal Tower she “was not surprised”.  “We were looking at systems used across the country and whether they’re adequate,” Ms Weir said. “There were systemic issues."
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