Push for audit of cladding on Newcastle buildings

NEWCASTLE council will consider an audit of the city’s high-rise buildings, following an admission that it “may not” have records of those with potentially defective cladding.

Thousands of low-rise Australian apartment blocks at risk of Grenfell-style fire, Senate inquiry warned

Warnings have been issued about Australia's lax building laws and the risk of a Grenfell style fire happening here, during a Senate inquiry into non-compliant cladding.

Insurance costs rise due to dodgy building materials

Insurance companies are now demanding a national building quality watchdog, with powers to enter building sites to check for banned ­products, such as dangerous Chinese electrical cabling, flammable cladding and imported wall panels laced with asbestos.

If this lawmaker has her way, Airbnb hosts may soon have to publish their addresses

Rosenthal argues her bill would create “an open and honest system that prioritizes transparency and safety” and make it easier to unmask illegal listings.

Grenfell tower fire: Australian developers cutting corners and putting lives at risk

ALMOST a month after London’s deadly Grenfell tower blaze, Australia’s top engineering body has warned that greedy developers are potentially putting lives at risk by “cutting corners” and building shoddy high-rise apartments.

Fire risk and building controls: time for government to act instead of talking

Since the Lacrosse fire in November 2014 Australia has experienced an unprecedented construction boom with high-rise buildings changing the face of our urban landscape and billions of dollars invested in new homes in the sky. It would be reassuring to think our government considered it a priority to ensure there was a legislative framework that guaranteed the safety of these buildings.

Grenfell Tower investigation starting point is 80 deaths by manslaughter, police say

Scotland Yard criminal inquiry to examine ‘actions and inactions’ that led to fire’s spread and consumption of the tower.

Prahran residents fear fire risk over flame-coloured facade

The atmosphere in the lift every morning changed after the signs went up. Neighbours would look at each other sideways, worried.

Strata building by-laws restricting short-stay letting, including Airbnb, declared ‘invalid’ by Fair Trading

Only weeks before the discussion paper on new holiday letting legislation is released, Fair Trading has modified its Strata Living handbook to warn strata committees and owners corporations that they can’t pass by-laws restricting holiday lets.

Why fire safety is more about people than products

Phones are ringing off the hook at the peak fire protection associations as governments and building owners scramble to mitigate the threat of fire risk in multi-storey buildings.

Tenants' high-rise fears a new headache for apartment investors

Frightened high-rise tenants are imploring their landlords to move them to another property or rescind the lease because of fire concerns, creating more problems for apartment owners and investors already worried about valuations.

An inquiry isn’t going to fix Australia’s broken construction sector

At a time when many governments worldwide are recognising the need to make their construction industries more competitive and productive in the face of forces reshaping the industry, Australian governments seem to be headed in the opposite direction.

All new buildings across the north shore will be inspected for fire safety after Grenfell Tower incident

A SPECIALIST team of fire safety auditors has begun inspections of apartment buildings constructed since 2005 across the Ku-ring-gai region — following the devastating Grenfell Tower fire in London last month.

Extend cladding taskforce to shoddy glass, say unit owners

Apartment owners are pushing for a Victoria government taskforce investigating non-compliant cladding on buildings to be expanded to include unsafe glass panels and other risky materials.