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Australian researchers to investigate Airbnb’s effect on housing affordability

Airbnb has raised the hackles of strata owners who say the platform has filled their buildings with unfamiliar faces and parties. It has also been named a key component of anti-tourist sentiment sweeping across Europe. But whether it has had an effect on housing affordability is still an ongoing debate....

The Fifth Estate
Cameron Jewell

How Canberra developer Ivan Bulum allegedly left apartment owners with a $20 million bill

It's any investor's nightmare: A life's worth of savings locked up in an apartment you just cannot sell....

ABC News
James Fettes

NSW Defect Bond Scheme is Beset with Problems

Many agree that the concept of developer bonds is sound. Certainly, it is better than the previous situation which afforded apartment owners little if any protection.

Nonetheless, concerns about the scheme are growing.

Banjo Stanton, Principal of Stanton Lawyers says “One cannot reasonably expert that a builder, who did defective work in the first place and is not a specialist remedial builder, or an independent consultant with extensive defect consulting experience, is able to identify and execute proper repairs without the guidance of a scope of works from a suitably...

Andrew Heaton

Homes are Hotels

New York-based activist Murray Cox has investigated the Airbnb industry worldwide through his online platform Inside Airbnb.

He is concerned that people are being displaced from housing due to the high number of entire homes listed on the website.

Mosman Daily
Andrea McCullagh

Strata lawyers opine on rules for Airbnb lets

It’s widely accepted that holiday lets have a more profound effect on apartment blocks than stand-alone dwellings, for obvious reasons.  However, doing something about it to protect residents (the plan in NSW) or make it easier for Airbnb (the plan in Victoria) is another matter.

So we approached five eminent strata...

Body corp for Surfers Paradise strip club slapped with second $30k fine in less than a year

A GOLD Coast body corporate which looks after the building that’s home to popular strip club Hollywood Showgirls has been slapped with a $30,000 fine after breaching fire regulations for the second time.

Gold Coast Bulletin
Nicholas McElroy and Ryan Keen

New Zealand's rental squeeze: Something in the Airbnb

Restricting the number of nights a property can be listed on short-term rental sites could be what's needed for regions in the grip of New Zealand's rental squeeze....

Business Day
Brad Flahive

Mayor Walsh Has a Plan to Shake Up Airbnb

In a move he says will help free up housing in a tight market, Mayor Marty Walsh has a plan that would shake up the way Boston regulates services like Airbnb.  New rules would charge fees and limit how long units can be rented by the night.

Boston Magazine
Spencer Buell

Victoria won't follow NSW on building defects reform

The Victorian government has no plans to follow NSW in forcing developers to put aside money to repair any building defects, including unsafe cladding.

And property owners have been dealt a blow after the Supreme Court ruled that the Victorian Building Authority could not order builders to fix defects once an occupancy permit or a certificate of final inspection had been completed.

The Age
Madeleine Heffernan

Airbnb is ruining neighbourhoods claim angry residents

When Nick Cumming moved into his flat in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area 16 years ago, he was delighted to find himself in the midst of a close-knit community.

Now, in his block of 12 flats, ten are short-term let properties, with residents staying just two or three nights on a short break in the centre of Scotland’s capital – many of them through hosting site Airbnb.

The Scotsman

Apartment owners face $60,000 cladding blow after court ruling protects builders

Apartment owners will be slugged up to $60,000 each to fix dangerous cladding, after a court ruled the building watchdog could not force builders to repair apartment blocks once residents are able to move in.

The Age
Madeleine Heffernan

Airbnb hometown axes half of its properties overnight

Airbnb has been forced to remove almost 5,000 properties in San Francisco from its listing site after they failed to meet the deadline to register under a new law, which came into effect last year. 

San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera said the law was a "game-changer". "This agreement helps protect the city's precious housing supply by obligating these companies to ensure that all their listings are legal and properly registered," Herrera said.

International Business Times
James Hetherington

Left up in the Airbnb

THERE are growing calls for an immediate crackdown on the "near-lawless" world of Airbnb as complaints rise about booming online accommodation portal.

Deep into the holiday season, NewsLocal can reveal Airbnb - which has an estimated global worth of $42 billion - has grown by a staggering 34 per cent across Sydney over the past year.

Amsterdam to halve Airbnb-style tourist rentals to 30 nights a year per host

City councillors in Amsterdam have decided to reduce by half the number of nights Airbnb hosts can rent out their apartments in the city — imposing a cap of 30 nights per year, down from the current 60 nights per years (via ...

Natasha Lomas

Airbnb: The good, the bad and the ugly

POLICE have busted a sophisticated identity fraud and drug-supply syndicate allegedly operating at an Airbnb house in

Daily Telegraph
Matthew Taylor & Isabell Petrinic