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Strata Living Guides

Selecting and Working With Your Strata Manager

This material has been prepared partly funded from the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

Updated in 2019 by Reena Van Aalst, Strata Central

This topic continually receives enthusiastic responses in the Owners Corporation Network of Australia’s interaction with its members and the public. There is a big thirst for detailed information that can help individuals in their procurement, interactions and issues with their key service providers.

Executive Committees and How They Should Function

Prepared by Sally Wiljesundera in 2011, supported by the NSW Office of Fair Trading, this is a living document

Strata schemes can range from 2 low rise lots to 100’s of high rise lots with commercial premises, to retirement villages, offices and caravan parks. We will be mainly focusing on medium to large residential strata buildings in this overview. For ease and simplicity many of the examples and legislation used are from the NSW. However, many similarities exist between States.

Noise in Strata Buildings

This material has been prepared partly funded from the NSW Office of Fair Trading

Noise problems are not just the bane of apartment living. Noise is the fastest growing area of complaint and disputes in urban Australia. Most detached housing neighbourly complaints are in about unwanted noise. However, apartment living can exacerbate the impact and intrusiveness of any neighbourly. As well there maybe noise from the common property aspects of the building itself, pipe, water, or buildings services.  So what can you do other than wear earplugs? (which is not such a silly solution in some circumstances).

This article will firstly look at common noise problems in a strata complex. Then explain the basics of noise and its transfer. From there we will cover testing, compliance, solving and enforcement options.