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Some relevant resources

There are many great sources that describe the various functions of an executive committee and provide advice on how to run an effective committee. Below is a list of some useful resources:

a)      NSW: Strata Schemes Management Act (1996)contains a broader range of powers both administrative and proprietorial in nature. View or download a copy here:

Relevant NSW Legislation: Strata Schemes Management Act (1996)                                        [for the ‘main law’]

Chapter 2 – Management of strata schemes

Part 1 – Introduction

Section 9:  Who else may be involved in managing a strata scheme?

The owners corporation may be assisted in the carrying out of its management functions under this Act by any one or more of the following:

                (a) the executive committee of the owners corporation established in accordance with Part 3,

                (b) a strata managing agent appointed in accordance with Part 4,

                (c) a caretaker appointed in accordance with Part 4A.

Part 3 – Others involved in management--the executive committee [Sections 16 – 25]

Section 16: Owners corporation to appoint executive committee

Section 17: What happens if executive committee is not appointed?

Section 21: Executive committee's decisions to be decisions of owners corporation

Section 22: What are the functions of the secretary of an owners corporation?

Sections 23: What are the functions of the treasurer of an owners corporation?

Sections 24: Who can exercise functions relating to the finances and accounts of the owners corporation?

Schedule 3 – Constitution of executive committee of the owners corporation and meetings of executive committee

Part 1 – Provisions with respect to the constitution of an executive committee - and the appointment of the chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

Part 2 – Provisions relating to meetings of the executive committee


Relevant NSW Legislation: The Strata Schemes Management Regulation (2010)                       [for the ‘detail]                                       


Regulation 16: Application of Part

Regulation 17: Election of executive committee

Regulation 18: Ballot for executive committee

b)      Strata Schemes (Freehold Development) Act 1973is the source of power for fundamental property rights for owners corporations. View or download a copy here:

c)      Community and Land Management Act 1989is the legislation covering communities such as retirement villages and associations.

d)      Australasian Legal Information Institute[Austlii]This database contains selected decisions of the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal of New South Wales from

e)      The NSW Office of Fair TradingA very useful booklet Strata living: What you need to know about living in your strata community (July 2011 FT045). It briefly covers all the important areas of strata living. It is highly recommended that this booklet be a first stop to gain an overview of strata living. It is available hardcopy and online

A web page Fact Sheet called Executive committee of the owners corporation

A number of web page Fact Sheets under the heading of Strata Schemes

f)      City Future Research Centre Final Reports

City Futures Research Centre, (May 2012) 'Governing the Compact City: The role and effectiveness of strata management', Final Report Appendix 2: Survey of executive committee Members pg125

g)       The Consumer Trade and Tenancy Tribunal website

h)      Land and Property Information requirementson strata scheme plans by setting out information needed by surveyors, solicitors and others in the preparation of strata scheme plans and associated instruments.

Frequently asked strata scheme questions

i)     Strata Community Associationis the peak body for strata managers in Australia and has Free Online executive committee Training see

j)        Green Stratais a response to the problem of how to live more sustainably and with the lowest possible ecological

k)       Dynamic Property Serviceshas a very good Owners Education Series Booklet on efficient and high-performing executive committees. The Executive Committee for Strata and Community Schemes: Is yours efficient and high-performing? (July 09).

l)      Dynamic Property School also offerfree seminars in Sydney throughout the year for newly appointed executive committee members (or board members) of properties managed by Dynamic.

m)        Makinson & d'Apice’snewsletter Common Property: Legal news for the strata and company title management industry’.

n)   Flat Chat ForumJimmy Thomson’s web site has a forum for executive committee issues

o)     Apartment Living (2004). A book written by Sue Williams. An entertaining and extremely insightful book about the pleasures and pain of living in an apartment. A copy is available for borrowing from the Owners Corporation Network of Australia’s library.