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Executive Committees and How They Should Function

Prepared by Sally Wiljesundera in 2011, supported by the NSW Office of Fair Trading, this is a living document

Strata schemes can range from 2 low rise lots to 100’s of high rise lots with commercial premises, to retirement villages, offices and caravan parks. We will be mainly focusing on medium to large residential strata buildings in this overview. For ease and simplicity many of the examples and legislation used are from the NSW. However, many similarities exist between States.

A strata building’s executive committee is probably the most crucial function to get right as an executive committee guides all other strata building functions, relationships and decisions. The Owners Corporation Network of Australia sees executive committees operating with many member compositions and decision philosophies. Some may be inherently better than others depending on the circumstances. A well functioning executive committee is achievable but there are basics that should be understood to improve the chances of success.

Many executive committees experience periods of difficulty within their membership, with other owners or with interested parties. Many of the skills required to work through and resolve issues are those that you will have already developed from life and work e.g. problem solving, getting on with people, checking the facts, ensuring a fair go, following guidelines and rules and asking the right questions. Not believing the first thing you are told is also worth remembering.

In an ideal world people would make good, well balanced decisions and implement these decisions in a timely, effective and efficient way. However, as this isn’t an ideal world this document aims to impart general knowledge, explore nuances, point to compliance with legislation, suggest where to go get help and, most importantly, provide practical details and insights around areas of conflict or confusion.

In short ‘Don’t Panic” help is on the way!