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5.2.1 Why have by-laws?

By-laws are essential for the smooth running and harmony of your strata scheme. They will almost always cover the use of common property, the behaviour of residents plus other aspects. By-laws usually cover:

  • Parking restrictions and use of allocated areas
  • Keeping of pets
  • Garbage disposal
  • Specific building works guidelines
  • Damage to common property.
  • Use and provision of facilities, common property and other services
  • Ownership and maintenance responsibilities of some common property
  • Behaviour of residents and invitees, noise, cleaning, lot appearance, offensive behaviour, etc
  • Security, access and safety measures
  • Architectural and landscaping guidelines
  • Installation and use of floor coverings, air conditioners, pergolas, tv and satellites
  • Matters appropriate to the type of strata scheme concerned.

All residents and owners must follow the by-laws or face action in the NSW Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal which may result in fines or penalties.

Relevant NSW Legislation: The Strata Schemes Management Regulation (2010)

Sections 41 – 60: By-laws