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4.6.3 Putting motions on the agenda

Any owner can submit a question or propose a motion to the executive committee for considerations. They can write directly to secretary or to the strata manager asking that the issue be tabled at the next executive committee meeting. The executive committee is obliged to reasonably consider all owners correspondence. They may not propose you specific motion but will need to show that they have read and considered your issue.

Generally executive committee motions arise from previous executive committee meetings, unresolved issues and new items arising between meetings.

As part of their Owners Education Series Booklet on efficient and high-performing executive committees, Dynamic Property Services provide some tips on page 13 about how to describe a motion properly. They describe a good motion for doing some ‘painting’ as:

“That the quotation submitted by John Taylor Painting Pty Ltd to repaint the interior foyer as per the specification attached to this agenda and noted as Annexure A for the total cost of $5,800 (inc.GST), be accepted”

They note that as the specification is attached all committee members can review and query what type of paint is to be used, the proposed colours, method of application and the contractor’s licence and insurance details.