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4.2 Determine principles, vision and ground rules

If you have not already done this prior to being elected, it is worth considering what your committee stands for and why? What are the future issues that need to be dealt with and what is the general approach to dealing with them? Develop a road map or plan as to what you want to achieve.

Establish some basic ground rules and communication strategies. It is vital that major service providers like the strata manager and building manager have a single point of contact on the executive committee.

The principles this committee stand for:

1. Value for Your Money – Your new proposed executive committee has the skills to make your levy contributions work for you. We aim to reduce escalating expenses and improve resident amenities to increase rental yields and the value of your property.

2. Secure, Liveable and Exclusive Residence – Security, by-laws, polices and practices need to be clarified and tightened. We will introduce best practice, transparent, legal and efficient polices that adhere to strata legislation.

3. Creating a Premium CBD Building – We intend to implement a full service and amenities building and to develop positive relationships with owners, residents and agents.

4. Transparency and Confidence in Building Management – An energetic committee, that listens to owners and provides transparency of its performance.

An actual executive committee’s guiding principle list


Appendix B

Committee ’Ground Rules’ (sample)

Welcome to the executive committee of 9insert name and address of scheme). So that we can use our valuable time most effectively, we ask all committee members to commit to the following ground rules:

  1. Committee meetings will be held monthly at the building.
  2. All meetings will run for a maximum of 2 hours.
  3. Members are required to attend at least 86% of all meetings held.
  4. Members agree to comply with the Code of Conduct at all times.
  5. Members agree to read all reports and other documentation prior to attending each meeting.
  6. Members agree to participate in a fair share of the project work required.

I (name of committee member) agree to commit to the above ground rules during my elected term.

Signed:                                                                                                            Date:                                                               

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