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4.12 Calling executive committee meetings

The next executive committee meeting date is usually decided at the end of an executive committee meeting. It is then sent out with the minutes of the meeting. Note: one third of the members of the executive committeecan request a meeting be called.

As long as an executive committee meeting has valid notice given and resolutions served, it can be done in writing, such as by email agreement. This is especially helpful if members are not available to be there physically at the meeting and there is an urgent matter the needs resolution.

Each executive committee meeting will cost you time and money. The time of the members to prepare and pre-read any materials and the time to attend.  Money paid to the strata manager to prepare and distribute the agenda, attend the meeting and prepare and send the minutes. If you have a building manager that attends, they may charge you for preparing any reports and for their attendance time.

So for these reasons it is wise to ensure that meetings are only as often as necessary and that as much of the required preparation is complete so it can be dealt with at the time and not require another meeting to address.

Relevant NSW Legislation: Strata Schemes Management Act (1996)

Section 7: Executive committee meetings may be required to be convened?

Section 10: Voting in writing by members of executive committee