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4.1 The newly elected executive committee

The first meeting of the newly voted executive committee is often held straight after the annual general meeting. Often it will be late in the day and time will be short. The essentials to consider at this meeting are:

  • Electing ‘alternatives’ to avoid quorum issues later in the year.
  • Filling the required office holder positions of chair, secretary and treasurer.
  • The history of the building and current state.
  • The vision you want for its future and options for getting there.
  • Review key service providers (see section 3.11).

Set-up working parties (see section3.7).

Relevant NSW Legislation: Strata Schemes Management Act (1996)

Schedule 2 Section 17: Counting of votes on election of executive committee

Schedule 3 Part 1, Section 3: Acting members of the executive committee