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4 Serving on an executive committee

Serving on an executive committee can be extremely rewarding. Like any area where you are deemed to represent and make decisions on others behalf – you will find teamwork, shared visions and goals. There will be moments of misunderstanding, conflict and differences of opinion. Meetings may be lengthy if you are tacking difficult issues, and some owners will just disagree with any decision – no matter how sensible it may seem too you. There is always another point of view – kind of like ‘life’ really.

Having a strata manager involved means most of the compliance and legislative requirements are handled by them, along with any disputes too. This is a major reason why most schemes opt to use the services of professional strata managers – even if the schemes are small. Generally they have the systems, people and experience to handle these complex issues. Strata managers are not permitted to make decisions on how a scheme is to be run or on how much money is to be spent looking after the scheme - only the executive committee on behalf of the owners corporation can.

Managing people can be far more tricky than managing the scheme. If you can find workable strategies for managing different people in different situations and issues then you will have gone a long way to making serving on an executive committee a pleasant and even fulfilling experience.