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4. Pool Maintenance

A large strata had an external contractor attend to the pool and spa testing, cleaning and maintenance. He was paid for and assumed to be coming 3 times per week, but there was no log book or records of his visits or activities. The pool contractor’s annual costs came to approximately $10,000 including chemicals. The strata had a 24/7 hour building management and concierge. It was proposed that the concierge take over the pool duties. There was some argument back and forth. Things that were at issue were:

  • The need for a professional to manage a semi-public pool versus training concierge
  • The need to manage the pool chemicals properly
  • The required level of testing versus the desired level of testing
  • The potential cost savings
  • The ability of the concierge to add pool testing to their duties

Outcome:The building manager was amenable to training his staff to test and dose the pool. The cleaner took over the pool cleaning duties. The chemicals and containers were outsourced cheaper than before and stored according to health and safety standards. The pool was tested 3 times a day instead of the prior 3 times per week. The cost saving were over $5,000 per annum and the pool was cleaner and better maintained than before.