3.9.3 How is BCA compliance tested? | Owners Corporation Network

3.9.3 How is BCA compliance tested?

  1. Use one of the deemed-to-satisfy provisions or laboratory test.
  2. Have an Expert judgement (by appropriately qualified and experienced person0 that the systems meet deemed-to satisfy values
  3. Provision for on-site testing

Deemed to Satisfy Requirements: Sound Insulation Rating of Floors

A floor in a Class 2 or 3 building must have an Rw + Ctr (airborne) of not less than 50 and an L’n,w + Cl (impact) not more than 62 if it separates

I.            sole-occupancy units; or

II.            a sole-occupancy unit from a plant room, lift shafts, stairway, public corridor, public lobby or

III.            the like, or part of a different classification.