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3.9.1 BCA compliance objectives and specifications

The objective of insulating to limit sound transmission in a Class 2 Building is to prevent loss of amenity due to undue sound being transmitted between units, or to a unit, from other parts of the building, such as plant rooms, lift shaft, common corridors, or from a different classification in the same building for example, car park, shops, commercial premises.

Walls and floors separating a sole occupancy unit from other units must be insulated against the transmission of airborne sound, as well as impact sound. Accordingly the insulation value of these elements of construction must not be compromised by openings, such as doors or services.

To achieve these objectives the walls and floors bounding a class 2 unit must be constructed so as to satisfy the requirements of

  • Part F5 of the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Specification F5.2 of the BCA
  • Manufacturer’s Specification to ensure that the product performs as tested.