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3.6 Qualifications

Are qualifications important?

Be aware that there are low barriers to becoming a strata manager. There are ‘registered’ strata managers and ‘licensed’ strata managers. The difference between the two is the level of qualification.

To act as a Cert III registered strata manager (under the supervision of a licensed strata manager) the minimum qualification is a 5 day induction course. 

A licensed strata manager requires Nationally Recognised Certificate IV in Property Services (Operations) which costs around $4,000 and takes 13 days full time or two years part time.

However, this does not mean that an inexperienced strata manager will not serve you well. In fact they may be keener to learn and give you the best service they can than one who has nothing to prove. However, knowing the qualifications and experience of your proposed strata manager will enable you to negotiate your price, manage expectations and indicate when to ask for further clarifications.

Strata managers can also be members of the Strata Community Association, a national representative body for strata managers. It is not compulsory but registration with a responsible body does provide for some greater assurance of quality such as required training, ‘codes of conduct’ and dispute resolution or a complaint process.

Remember however, you may get what you pay for.

Strata Community Association also now accredits strata managing agents which may be a useful tool. Level 1 is the lowest to Level 3, Level 4 is for Fellow or Life Members. Visit the Strata Community Association NSW https://nsw.strata.community