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3.4.4 Giving your proxy

If you don’t intend to attend the annual general meeting you may be asked or decide to give someone your proxy for them to vote on your behalf for an appointment of executive committee members. Even if you do attend the annual general meeting  you may still want to sign a proxy so that another can act and vote on your behalf during the meeting.  You can sign a proxy and also attend the annual general meeting with your proxy holder. You can choose on the night and motion by motion to either vote yourself or have your proxy holder vote for you. On the proxy form there is a section where you can specify exactly what they have to vote for on your behalf or leave it open ended and they can make their own decisions. It is here that you would specify any nominees, if known, .that you may wish them to vote for or not vote for. You can give your proxy to your strata manager, but unless you have specified exact voting options they should not use it to vote for anything based on their own opinions.

Unfortunately, you cannot exclude or ‘contract out’ service providers from being given proxies.  You can restrict them asking for or actively procuring proxies in their service contracts (especially worth doing for building management or concierge as they have the most interaction with owners). However, most professional building managers and strata managers have their own policies not to procure proxies, and in the event of being given an unsolicited proxy they will not use it to vote based on their ‘own opinion’, but instead abstain from voting on any motion unless there are specific instructions included on the proxy.

Note: In large schemes proxies must be lodged with the secretary or strata manager no later than 24 hours before a meeting.

Relevant NSW Legislation: The Strata Schemes Management Regulation (2010)

Form 2 – Proxy appointment in Schedule 8 (Clause 28 (2)):*1 This form authorises the proxy to vote on my/our behalf on all matters. OR *2 This form authorises the proxy to vote on my/our behalf on the following matters only: [Specify the matters and any limitations on the manner in which you want the proxy to vote.]