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3.4.3 Past performance

If things are running smoothly with the incumbent executive committee their past performance, campaigning, popularity, relationships and policies may be important deciding factors. Unfortunately, for strata however, there is far less accountability, transparency and interest than in other forms of political appointments.

Unlike traditional politics, in many executive committee elections there is often no alternative voting choices or options to the incumbents or their nominees.

Incumbents often build up a reservoir of good will and ‘apathy’ votes. If the building is running well and harmoniously there may be no opponents or nominees that feel strongly enough to campaign for election against any incumbents. And some buildings are just thankful that anyone puts their hand up. However, even buildings where on the surface things seem to be smooth and in control, there can be deep issues and problems with the functioning and decision making of the executive committee. Little things will often give this away – if you are a resident then letters from disgruntled occupiers may appear in your letterbox, the chair may distribute a ‘political’ address beating his chest and putting down any opposition. There may be rumours or heavy handed tactics used on residents. Aspects of the building may be being operated for the benefit of the committee, management and staff rather than the owners and occupiers (e.g. facilities, parking, access and hours of operation).