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3.3 Re-tendering for a strata manager

Every few years it is worth exploring what the strata management market has to offer your strata. Even if you are happy with your manager's cost and service it is just good policy to go through the tender exercise to confirm that you are getting value for money. Ask your incumbent strata manager to submit a proposal which you may find be an improvement on your current agreement. Basic process steps include:

  1. Make a detailed list of your requirements
  2. Run a tender and gather proposals from recommended managers located close to your building
  3. Check on qualifications of the managers and their staff
  4. Arrange a personal visit to the selected offices, to interview the Principal and proposed manager
  5. At this interview discuss all items in the proposal you have received
  6. Decide on the most appropriate proposal
  7. Give notice in writing to the incumbent, if you select another company
  8. General meeting motion brought to owners to terminate incumbent and appoint new strata manager
  9. Majority vote for replacement strata manager
  10. Sign new Agreement 
  11. Transfer of files and data to new strata manager