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3.2 Your strata scheme’s by-laws

The next most obvious thing to do is to understand your building by-laws. When you buy or rent an apartment, you effectively sign a contract that binds you to the by-laws of your building. Some schemes may have adopted the standard by-laws or Model By-Laws, and some schemes may have by-laws which differ from these Model By-Laws, so it 's important to firstly check what applies to your building before proceeding.

By-laws tend to be more prescriptive than other general laws as they are designed to reflect the lifestyle choices of the majority of your strata neighbours. There are a number of things that owners can do to create noise in an strata building. Things such as a pet, a renovation, changing your flooring, TV or music, washing machines, water hammering, parties and loud talking. Most buildings’ rules prohibits any resident of a building from interfering with the ‘peaceful enjoyment’ of anyone else’s property.

So if you are intending on introducing a potential noise change then:

  • Find out what your by-laws say
  • Talk to your executive committee
  • Talk to your neighbours.
  • Talk to your strata manager
  • Go and see the people who live below you, above you and beside you – this is particularly important if you intend to install hard flooring or change the existing flooring in some way