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3.10.5 CTTT Solutions

Even of an application is granted in favour of the applicant Adjudicators will often not specify a remedy. The adjudicator may rule that there is a noise problem and it must be rectified but then leave it up to the unit owner to decide how to rectify it. Throwing down a few rugs is unlikely to be accepted as solving a noise problem with a timber floor. A couple of these cases are appeals or penalty hearings because the offending owners have wrongly assumed that putting rugs down meant they had met the terms of a previous adjudication. It may be worth asking for a pre-emptive adjudication on the use of rugs. The simple test, again, is whether or not the disturbance continues.

Many cases are only resolved after several trips to the CTTT. For example in one case, the upstairs owner thought that she didn’t need to do anything, in another, the upstairs owner laid carpet with little or no insulating underlay. In both cases they were subject to further orders to insulate the floor properly.