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3 Noise level regulations and requirements

You've got to expect to hear your neighbours sometimes but if the noise is excessive there are numerous ways to deal with it via building management or regulations with bylaws, strata law and state law.

There are many layers of noise regulations and protections for apartment dwellers. There is no single government authority in Australia with overall responsibility for controlling or reducing noise pollution. There are a number of different regulations governing noise in a strata building. The Commonwealth government takes responsibility in areas such as aircraft noise and emission standards for new motor vehicles, while an environment protection agency regulates environmental noise in each State. The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission has a national code of practice that provides advice on management of noise in the workplace. Neighbourhood and recreational noise issues are usually the domain of the police and local councils.

For example, a range of impotant legislation and by-laws require all areas within an apartment, other than the kitchen, laundry, toilet and bathroom, to have adequate floor coverings or treatment to prevent the impact of noise, such as footsteps, furniture being moved and children running, from carrying to another apartment. This stray noise has the potential to disturb the peace and tranquillity of neighbouring residents.