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3. Night Cleaning

Situation: A large strata had 24/7 concierge. Concierge staff had a pager so would be called if they were needed and away from the desk doing their rounds or dealing with a situation. When a new executive committee took over from a long standing one – they found a number of ‘beds’ in common property service rooms. After investigation it was determined that the night shift workers were regularly going for quite a few hours sleep in the early morning hours and only appearing during those hours when paged. The executive committee chair proposed that the day cleaner duties be moved to the 8 hour night shift between 11pm and 7am. This would give many additional hours for cleaning and save the cost of a separate day cleaner. One or two of the concierge staff were not happy about this and suggested it was a bad idea because if there was an emergency and a fire engine was called and the front sliding doors were not opened then the fire service would break them down

Outcome: The committee found night cleaners that could be taught basic front desk services, (including opening the front doors if emergency services were called) and for a slightly lower price that concierge services. The move saved almost $30,000 per annum in cleaning and concierge fees, increased cleaning by almost 30 hours per week. The beds were removed and the common area rooms put to better use.