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2.5 Functions of the executive committee 'office holders

Office holders are elected at the executive committee meeting following the annual general meeting. The NSW Strata Schemes Management Act (1996) specifies certain functions the chairperson, secretary and treasurer have.


Recommended Skills


  • presides at all meetings
  • conducts meetings
  • decides on issues relating to voting and procedure
  • does not have a deciding vote

A Good Chairperson:

  • Leadership or management experience
  • Good with people - both listening and directing
  • Self confident, diplomatic and inclusive, but not a pushover
  • Able to withstand conflict and disagreement
  • Can keep things on topic and moving forward


  • convenes the executive committee meetings and general meetings
  • prepares and distributes minutes of all meetings
  • attends to correspondence on behalf of the owners corporation
  • maintains administrative and secretarial records of the owners corporation
  • maintains the strata roll

A Good Secretary:

  • Organised and conscientious
  • IT literate, i.e. able to send emails, attachments, letters
  • Delivers things on-time


  • issues levy notices
  • receives and banks monies on behalf of the owners corporation
  • prepares Section 109 certificates
  • prepares financial statements and other financial records
  • maintains accounting records
  • determines what the levies will be
  • determines the scheme's future expenditure for the sinking fund

A Good Treasurer:

  • Organised and conscientious
  • Trustworthy
  • Someone who questions quotes and costs
  • Good with numbers and calculations
  • Accounting and computing skills (desirable)

In reality, many activities are delegated to a strata manager or can be done by other members of the executive committee with the skills, time or motivation and then passed onto the appropriate position for official implementation.

Relevant NSW Legislation: Strata Schemes Management Act (1996)

Section 18: Executive committee to appoint chairperson, secretary and treasurer

Sections 22 – 24: Members and office holders of the executive committee

Schedule 3, Part 1, Provisions relating to constitution of executive committee