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2.3 Improving performance

Communicating with your strata manager is important. If you are experiencing performance issues, identify exactly what the situation is and what you would like to change. Differing expectations can often be overcome by having an open dialogue. However, in the end, your ability to enforce an improvement will depend on the terms of the specific agreement.

It is worth spending time and thought in setting up a good set of contract terms before you sign. For example contract terms could be sought to include Key Performance Indicators, although they are difficult to set and measure as they need to be accurately recorded. There are some that you can consider that will just be obvious in observing actions and outcomes. Things such as responding to and sending correspondence, following-up executive committee actions items, paying suppliers on time, being helpful to owners, providing transparent and understandable scheme reports (mainly financial), understanding what goes into your various expense categories etc.

Further considerations are covered in Selection criteria 3.8.3