2.2.2 What to expect from your strata manager: as an officer / executive committee member | Owners Corporation Network

2.2.2 What to expect from your strata manager: as an officer / executive committee member

Liaison person– The executive committee often has a contractually designated ‘contact or liaison person’ through whom all communications with the strata manager should be filtered (usually the secretary). It is preferable that communications be funnelled through this person, but your strata manager will usually respond to every executive committee member out of courtesy, even if they don’t have to.

Inspecting records– an executive committee member can inspect the strata records without cost as part of their obligations and duties.

Communications– Do not copy your strata manager with every communication or issue as it’s being discussed and resolved. All emails the strata manager sends and receives on behalf of the owners corporation are part of the strata record and available for any prospective purchasers to view.

Budgeting– Your strata manager should be able to put together a preliminary annual budget and required levy estimate. The treasurer should then review this line by line and adjust as appropriate.

Spending– Depending on the agreement terms your strata manager can procure services, monitor and report on spending. If you have no building manager or caretaker the strata manager would be the person who ensures these things are done if it is specified in their contract.

Manuals– If you are creating any building manuals (operations manual, procedures manual, residents handbook) the first point of call is to ask your strata manager - they often have a 90% complete manual template and can tailor the last 10% for your building.

Establishing good service provider contracts– Strata managers may have templates or samples of good service provider contracts that they can share.

By-law samples– Your strata manager and his company may have come across useful by-laws in their other clients schemes and may pass them onto you for ideas if you ask.

Special projects– You can also engage your strata manager in various projects and research over and above that in the contract. However, understand that work not included in the contract may be charged out at full commercial rates per 15 minute time increment.