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2.2.1 What to expect from your strata manager: as an owner

Queries- If you have a query you could write to the executive committee directly, or you could write to the strata manager and ask them to have it tabled at the next executive committee meeting.

It is always worth asking your strata manager to answer the question first, but ask the question in such a way that the strata manager can respond easily e.g. “I would like an a copy of xyz  – can you provide this information to me or should I come into the strata offices to view the records or request it at an executive committee meeting?”. Whatever the ability or obligations of the strata manager to meet your request, out of courtesy you should expect a reply that will give you some direction in resolving the issue.

Viewing the records- An examination of the strata records is often truly enlightening. As an owner you or your representative can book time to view any or all of the strata records at the strata office. There is usually a nominal hourly cost for this service, as specified in the relevant act or regulations.  Currently in NSW it is $30 and an additional $15 for each half-hour or part of half-hour after the first hour of inspection If you are an executive committee member the strata manager should not impose the fee as you are an appointed executive doing research as you see fit.

There will be a number of different files such as ‘Service Contracts’, ‘Financials’, ‘Correspondence’, ‘Current Issues File’, Invoices’, ‘Meetings’, Strata Roll’, ‘By-Laws’, ‘Proxies’. These will go back a year or so, if you want earlier archived documents you need to ask the strata manager to leave them out for you (but be prepared for a large number of boxes to be there when you arrive!). Don’t be afraid to ask your strata manager for the information if you can’t find it – especially their ‘current file’ which may sit on their desk and not in the records provided to you. All the correspondence between the executive committee, the strata manager and any service provider or lawyers should be available for viewing. If something is missing the Act allows you to request that it be produced within 10 days. You are entitled to write notes or copy anything and take this copy away. Note, copying and documents by taking a photo with a camera or good quality mobile phone is fast, efficient and free.


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Section 108: Inspection of records of owners corporation


Relevant NSW Legislation: The Strata Schemes Management Regulation (2010)

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