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1.1 What is a Strata Manager?

Depending on the size and complexity of your building, you may have any number of people employed to help look after it. Even the smallest of buildings, however, will usually have a strata manager. Why? A strata manager has systems and processes that mean they can do the administrative requirements much more efficiently than even a keen and skilled owner/manager.

 If you don’t have too many lots and you want to save money, you might decide to take on some of the services yourself to save cash. However, temper this with a recognition that the knowledge and experience of the executive committee will need to be adequate. Perhaps a partial service arrangement is a good compromise. For instance, do you really need your strata manager to attend every executive committee meeting, which can be a substantial extra expense if your meetings are held in the evening and drag on for hours. Could you get by instead with just phoning him or her if you need advice on certain issues? Could one of your executive committee members take minutes instead of asking the strata manager to do so? Could you save on postage for things like photocopying meeting papers yourself and placing them in the mailboxes of resident owners? By doing these things yourself you may save money but increase risk and sacrifice quality and correct process! A strata manager may be able to wrap it up in far less time and with far more accuracy as they have the facilities and know how to run it efficiently.