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1 What is a strata manager?

The owners corporation comprises all owners in a strata titled building. The strata committee is an elected group of owners whose task is to oversee the functioning of the building. The owners corporation may contract a strata manager to perform day-to-day management and administrative tasks.

A strata manager is another name for strata managing agent. The NSW Property, Stock and Business Agents Act (2002) defines a strata managing agent as a person (whether or not such person carries on any other business) who, for reward (whether monetary or otherwise), exercises or performs any function of an owners corporation under this Act.

The strata manager may look after everything from ensuring the owners corporation processes comply with legislation through to regular garden maintenance and even more unusual things like assisting with the extermination of a red back spider infestation from the common property roof space.

They cannot be an owner of a lot, the secretary or treasurer or a person who maintains or repairs any property for which the owners corporation is responsible.

A strata manager is engaged by the owners corporation by a majority vote at a general meeting. Only a person who holds a strata manager licence under the Act can be appointed. A strata manager may carry out some or all of the functions, duties or powers of the owners corporation. At a very simple level, it’s generally the strata manager’s role, delegated by the committee, to collect levies, pay bills and issue compliance notices for breaches of by-laws.

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