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Owners Helping Owners

The Owners Corporation Network (OCN) is an organisation run by strata owners for strata owners – people who have experience in strata living; who have confronted many of its inherent problems; and who have evolved strategies for dealing with the problems that the rapid growth in strata living inevitably brings.  Our aim is to deliver better living in strata schemes (BLISS!) for the increasing number of people choosing to make strata schemes their homes, by:

  • working together to give strata owners a true, independent voice with Government on matters affecting them;
  • helping strata owners to share knowledge and experience with other strata owners; and
  • seeking out, promoting and providing access to competent professional strata scheme service providers.

Our expertise is based not only on knowledge and experience, but on empathy – we understand the emotional impact of strata issues, as well as the legal, social and financial implications of living under a different set of rules from those that apply to free-standing homes.