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Critical Times for Lift Emergency Phones


VoIPforce & Telstra bring you the DET (Duress & Emergency Telephone) Service - providing a cellular, battery powered backup for your lift phone during an nbn™ outage. Using Dual SIM connectivity, the DET unit emulates the reliability of your traditional copper connection. 

Our DET unit comes standard with twelve hours of battery backup, powering the unit in the event of a network outage. This is a comprehensive, total peace of mind solution. DET is your failsafe - when the nbn™ goes down, your lift phone won’t go down with it.



Q.      Should I update my lift communications before the copper lines are disconnected?

Yes. It is essential to ensure your lifts are operating under approved conditions. It is also important to place your order early, as we cannot guarantee there will be enough time for installation and testing if you wait until the last couple of weeks before your disconnection date.


Q.      How long before my emergency phones are at risk?

The copper wire will be disconnected on the greater of either;

18 months before your nbn™ “ready for service” date, or

July 1st 2017 (if you registered your lift line with the NBN)


Q.       How does the DET lift phone technology work?

The DET unit will emulate traditional copper services your lift telephone line has previously operated on. The unit uses Telstra’s cellular network, with an alternative network deployed to ensure the phone is operational 24/7, 365. The DET unit comes standard with twelve hours of battery backup powering the unit in the event of a power failure. The DET service is proactively monitored by our expert lift consultants, with a comprehensive maintenance schedule ensuring the unit is always connected. All included in the monthly bill.


Q.      How many units do I need if I have multiple lifts?

One DET unit can cover up to four lifts as long as the lift lines all terminate in the same MDF, IDF or Lift Motor Room.


Almost one in every two properties in Australia have access to the nbn™. Once your building or site has an active nbn™ connection your emergency lift phone technology will not operate during a network outage. Your building will no longer meet the Australian Standard for lift telephones and you may be in breach of Workplace Health & Safety legislation, placing your elevator passengers at serious risk. The lift telephone line is an essential feature of your lift’s safety system, enabling passengers to call for help in the event of an emergency.


Below outlines the four different types of nbn™ Fixed Line connections. All four nbn™ connections will affect your emergency lift phone and will require a battery powered backup solution.



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