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21 May 2011
Guest speaker: Dr Hazel Easthope, City Futures Research Centre, University of NSW
Topic: A Defective System? Dealing with Defects in Strata Properties
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11 May 2011
Ethics and Managing Disputes
Speaker: David Bannerman, Bannerman’s Lawyers
Free but bookings are essential
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07 May 2011
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Owners in strata apartments who want to learn more about getting the best out of apartment living protecting their home and their investment AND PARTICULARLY FOR
13 Apr 2011
Repairs & Maintenance
Where common property meets private property
Owners Corporation or Lot Owners responsibility
Free but bookings are essential
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19 Feb 2011
The guest speaker, Strata Lawyer David Bannerman, will address the meeting on the topic of Dealing with poor performing strata managers and caretakers, means of termination, especially with regard to perpetual caretaker contracts. Poor performing strata managers and caretakers / building managers are common sources of complaints by owners and EC members. A Special General Meeting will be held following David's presentation....
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09 Feb 2011
This seminar will feature a speaker addressing the topics: Roles and Responsibilities of a Strata Manager Choosing the right Strata Manager Working with your Strata Manager Understanding your Strata Manager's Roles and Responsibilies Cost: FREE
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20 Nov 2010
Guest Speaker: Jenny Fitzalan, Construction Lawyer, Turtons Lawyers Jenny will speak on building defects, owners rights and obligations, and case studies on some recent wins and losses on defects litigation cases by owners corporations. OCN committee nominations are now open, and must be lodged no later than 13 November. If you are interested in assisting in any way, either by nominating for committee, or assisting on subcommittees, please contact...
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17 Nov 2010
ISTM's Consumer Awareness Seminars are designed to engage and update lot owners and Owners Corporation Executives on topics relevant to strata and community title living.
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23 Oct 2010
Strata living can be a complex business. To stay on top you need all the help you can get.
Committee members and all strata lot owners are welcome to join us for a special forum with expert panelists on major issues affecting strata living, sponsored by the NSW Offi ce of Fair Trading.
The forum is part of the National Community Titles Institute & Institute of Strata Title Management National Convention being held at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour this month....
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16 Oct 2010
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Residents of home units and apartments say that the most contentious issue facing them today relates to noise coming from the apartment above with hard flooring.
The noises from patter of feet, clattering of heels and scraping of moving furniture from the neighbours above with timber floors can have huge detriment on quality of life, and cause long term poor mental and...
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