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18 May 2013
Apartment owner/ resident John Hutchinson has been investigating building management for his medium sized block of 139 apartments. He has focused particularly on how buildings of different sizes can benefit from the use of building management software to better involve owners and residents. He will share his findings as an owner interested in achieving both transparency and efficiencies.
16 Feb 2013
Power costs in NSW have increased 80% in the last four years, and further rises are anticipated. Power is usually the second highest cost in the OC strata budget, and for some will be the highest. It actually is relatively straightforward to reduce those costs, and generally with short payback periods.
Strata Topics : general meeting, Smart Meters
24 Nov 2012
Learn the pros and cons of new and pre loved buildings from our expert speakers, ask questions, and draw your own informed conclusions.  All good resource material for you when looking to enter into purchasing.
Strata Topics : OCN seminars
17 Nov 2012
Members are advised of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Owners Corporation Network of Australia Ltd. Commencing at 10am and concluding at 12 noon. This year is OCN’s 10th Anniversary. Members are invited to join us in a catered BBQ Lunch after the AGM. Bookings essential for the lunch. Register Now OCN holds meetings for members and interested members of the public in February, May, August and November...
27 Oct 2012
The focus of this seminar was to inform prospective purchasers of the pros and cons of buying off the plan or into a newly constructed building.  Expert speakers included a strtata lawyer, building expert, strata manager, finance expert and the audience also heard from someone who had bought off the plan.  All good resource material for people considering this important purchase.
18 Aug 2012
Topic: When your building gets a council fire orderJohn Hutchinson thought, like many other purchasers, that when he bought his apartment the original Certificate of Occupation and years of having an annual fire inspection certificate signed meant he could sleep easily knowing that the building was safe, had been built and certified to comply with the Building Code of Australia, and would, if dutifully maintained, continue to pass annual fire inspections for the foreseeable future.Not so.
19 May 2012
Meeting Topic: WHS and residential strataNew work health and safety (WHS) laws replaced the occupational health and safety (OHS) laws in NSW on 1 January 2012. These new laws will provide greater consistency, certainty and clarity across Australia making it easier to understand workplace health and safety issues. This session aims to dispel any confusion and misinformation that exists for residential Executive Committee members and owners.Guest Speakers:
Strata Topics : work health & safety
19 Apr 2012
A workshop for owners and executive committees, to assist you in reducing the operating costs of common areas and help future proof your property.
Topics include managing your building’s water and energy efficiency, success stories from other owners corporations, and strata law considerations for sustainability.
Strata Topics : green buildings
30 Mar 2012
Work Health and Safety Legislation and Residential Strata Scheme
Your role and your responsibilities
Changes have been made to the OHS laws (now known as Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws) and will have an impact on strata and community schemes. Hear from two informed speakers on these changes and your role and responsibilities. Issues covered include: Strata Managers
Strata Topics :
16 Mar 2012
Big changes you should know about
Owners and investors of strata- and community-titled property need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities and how to address defective building work. If you already own, or intend to purchase, property you need to know how to manage issues that arise from building defects and protect your investment. This forum is an opportunity to hear from a panel of experts from legal and building industries, who will explain recent changes...
Strata Topics :