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08 Mar 2016
STRATA LAWS! This is the first MAJOR reform of STRATA LAWS since the 1973 Strata Titles Act. Before the new laws start in the second half of 2016 prepare yourself.
Strata Topics : bylaws, insurance, OCN seminars
20 Feb 2016
Airbnb has taken the world by storm. And surprise. The idea of staying with the locals instead of an impersonal hotel is appealing. But the accommodation is not regulated, the hosts are not licensed, there is likely to be no insurance cover in the event of damage, injury or death (several have already occurred). Worse still, owners corporations may not be insured in the event of a major claim, because illegal business activities are being carried out.
24 Nov 2015
Dynamic Property Services generously hosted a free event in conjunction with OCN to answer your burning questions on by-laws, defects, finances, executive committees, and meetings.  The Top 5 Topics were distilled from over 300 responses to a survey of Dynamic clients and OCN members.  
21 Nov 2015
Topic:  Reducing Energy Usage & Your Levies Energy saving technologies are evolving at a rapid rate.  Introducing two new and highly innovative companies that can help you reduce your energy consumption and, as a result, your levies.  The solar revolution is happening.  Currently if you had 2 electric cars charging, the lift would fail.  In 2016 you'll be able to store and use cheaper power when needed.  Microgrids and bulk buying electricity are happening.  
18 Nov 2015
Purchasing a new apartment can be very exciting and many owners improve their apartment to increase its rental and sale value. But have you thought about what improving your building – the foyer, landscaping, façade etc – might add to the enjoyment and value of your apartment? Have you been fully briefed on the fire and safety measures of your new “community village”?
30 Sep 2015
A strata building’s executive committee is probably the most crucial function to get right as an executive committee guides all other strata building functions, relationships and decisions. Some may be inherently better than others depending on the circumstances. A well-functioning executive committee is achievable but there are basics that should be understood to improve the chances of success. Come along to the owner seminar to learn more and share your experiences. There will be a panel at...
Strata Topics : executive committee, OCN
02 Sep 2015
The biennial Griffith University strata and community title conference has established a reputation and tradition that attracts industry leaders from a range of sectors and countries and to deliver a well-orchestrated, topical and provocative agenda by top quality speakers. Its objective is to bring together representatives of the broad spectrum of strata and community title players.
Strata Topics : high-density living
15 Aug 2015
Topic:  Strata Laws & You The stalled reforms are back on the table, scheduled to radically change the existing laws on 1 July 2016.  Strata lawyers Makinson d'Apice will comment on the exposure draft being released in July.
16 May 2015
Topic:  Strata Insurance Longitude Insurance provides market leading specialist cover that protects owners corporations beyond their legislative requirements.  Longitude might be new to the strata sphere but its founders are definitely not. As we experience increasingly violent climate conditions, Jesse Borthwick and Gordon Bell will talk about ensuring your building is properly covered.
Strata Topics : general meeting, insurance, OCN
21 Feb 2015
Topic:  Strata Reforms - What is Needed?  What Can You Do to Build Momentum? Alex Greenwich MP will speak about the ongoing need for strata reform and where it is up to. He’ll touch on key concerns for strata residents including defects, overcrowding, short term rentals, proxies and developer controls, drift smoke and pets, as well as what you can do to help build reform momentum. Information about Alex’s work on strata is at www....
Strata Topics : general meeting, legislation, OCN