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OCN runs two half-day seminars each year. They provide opportunities to explore strata-related issues in greater detail than those addressed at regular OCN meetings.

The following topics have been covered in past seminars. Click on the seminar name to download the associated notes, presentations and audio files.

Investing in your building is investing in your home or investment! 9 November 2013
Buying into an Older Building 24 November 2012
Buying a New Apartment 27 October 2012
Sydney Green Apartments Forum 2011 23 July 2011
The Essentials of Strata Living - Renovations, Repairs & Maintenance; Your Rights & Responsibilities 7 & 28 May 2011
Hard Flooring in Apartments 16 October 2010
The Essentials of Strata Living 12 & 26 June 2010
Defeating the Pitfalls of Strata Living 2 May 2009
Caring For Your Building - From Birth to Death 3 May 2008
The Future of Apartment Living: Cutting Costs by Going Green 21 April 2007
Safeguarding Your Apartment Investment & Making the Most of Your Funds April 29 2006
Budgeting Wisely For Peaceful, Stress-Free Apartment Living October 8 2005
Making Apartment Living Stress-free, Profitable and Fun April 9 2005
Making the Most of Your Apartment - Your Home and Your Investment August 7 2004