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OCN welcomes its Queensland members.

OCN supports Queensland unit owners by providing information and learning opportunities and by representing owners vis-à-vis government and industry.

The OCN member forum gives members opportunities to give and receive advice about day-to-day issues with ownership and bodies corporate.

Upcoming Events in Queensland

BCCM Seminars - the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management presents a series of free seminars for anyone interested in body corporate legislation. To keep up-to-date with body corporate news, events and issues you can subscribe to the e-newsletter Common Ground.


Current Queensland Government Property Law Review

Queensland Property Law Review – opportunities for owners to give feedback to the Queensland Government’s review of Queensland's property laws including the Property Law Act 1974, Land Sales Act 1984 and the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997.



Queensland Government Websites

Queensland Body Corporate and Community Management – the government’s helpful BCCM website provides a range of useful information and links about bodies corporate, including the Common Ground newsletters which give law updates, Online Training for owners and Fact Sheets in plain English.

Queensland One Stop Shop - new ‘one stop shop’ website which includes information about bodies corporate.

Queensland Fire & Emergency Services - smoke alarm requirements.


The Act and Regulations

Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 – the overarching framework outlining the responsibilities of owning a unit and managing a body corporate

Body Corporate and Community Management Regulations  - customised regulations provide the ‘how to’ instructions for each type of community title scheme


Owner Support Networks

Owners Corporation Network – provides a website, forums, seminars and advocacy to support owners and improve apartment living.

Body Corporate Matters – a website, helpline, committee training, and regular Expos that are a handy source of information about how to get things done and the rules and laws that help unit owners enjoy living in harmony in body corporate complexes.