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Owners Groups


Owners Corporation Network (ACT) - the association of unit owners and owners corporations established to further a range of interests and concerns related to medium-density living in the ACT.

Owners Corporation Network Victoria - supporting owners corporations by exchange of information and experience; advocating improvement in owners corporation rules and legislation, management methods and procedures.

Body Corporate Matters, QLD - aims to keep Queensland unit and townhouse owners up to date on everything that the body corporate should be doing.  Provides committee training and advice.

Unit Owners Association of Qld Inc - promoting and protecting the rights and lifestyles of unit owners in Qld.

Queensland Body Corporate Association - provides a conduit for education, a forum for providing public information, and an email Helpdesk. Membership is available to unit owners and industry. 

Property Owners' Association of Australia - represents the interests of private residential landlords.  Particular focus on boarding houses.

We Live Here - represents all Victorian residents living in high-rise and low-rise residential apartment buildings and townhouses, with a focus on short term letting.



Canada - Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association

Ireland - Apartment Owners Network

New Zealand - Body Corporate Chairs' Group

South Africa - South African Property Owners Association



Building Manager Accreditation

Australian Building Management Accreditation (ABMA) is the governing organisation developing and regulating the ABMA Building Management Code (Code), which is the industry-specific guidebook to existing legislative standards and best practice requirements for maintenance of common property in Australia and New Zealand. 


DIY Strata Management - online DIY strata management tool to self-manage your strata.  Easy and effective handling of everything from financials to minutes to communication within your strata community.  Includes 2 hours professional support each year. - an online 'Village Square" for residential communities to connect.  If you can email you can use this online program.  Supports people in meeting, sharing resources, and promoting community activities.


Energy & Cost Savings

Green Strata - ideas for sustainable apartment buildings.

Wattblock - Reduce your building's energy usage. Start saving in 10 minutes!

Smart Blocks - Useful toolkit for strata buildings to develop their own energy saving programme.  Save energy, save money.


Strata Pets - the who, what and how of pets in strata.

Keeping Pets in Strata Schemes - an easy to read NSW Law Society summary of your rights and obligations.


Strata Finance

Strata schemes have three options for funding large expenditure items:  the sinking fund, a special levy, and unknown to many, strata finance.  Loan repayments are incorporated into quarterly strata levies.

Lannock Strata Finance - a specialist strata finance company that will lend to owners corporations for renovations, rectifications, asset building, premium funding and litigation.

Macquarie Relationship Banking - funds strata improvement loans. 


Publications / Videos

Apartment Living: The Complete Guide to Buying, Renting, Surviving and Thriving in Apartments - a book full of cautionary tales, hilarious anecdotes and useful information on how apartment dwellers, whether they are renters or owners, can have comfortable, enjoyable and profitable lives.

Buying into a strata scheme? (NSW Office of Fair Trading)

Living in a community scheme (NSW Office of Fair Trading)

Strata Living (NSW Office of Fair Trading)

Window & Balcony Safety (NSW Office of Fair Trading)


Industry & Other Bodies

Australian Window Association - the national body for window and door products.  AWA provides independent advice to consumers and offers a dispute resolution service should something go wrong.

Australian Waterproofing Association - represents the interests of the total industry in raising the standard of waterproofing in Australia.

Fire Protection Association of Australia - supports and represents accredited and competent practitioners working across all disciplines of the fire protection in the building and construction industry.  FPA is a strong advocate for improved professionalism of the industry.

Master Electricians Association - sets the benchmark of excellence for the electrical contracting industry, working to ensure Master Electricians possess and continue to retain the skills that keep them at the forefront of their industry.

Master Locksmiths Associationindependent professional body recognised as the peak organisation for locksmithing professionals, prividing a wide range of locksmithing and security services in the Pacific region.

Master Painters Association - using an accredited Master Painter will ensure that you get the highest standards of trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice, including expertise in Lead Paint and Asbestos and Sustainable Painting Practices.

Master Plumbers Association - a resource to find a suitably qualified and licensed contractor.  

Strata Community Association - the national industry body for the strata industry. Its membership is made up of strata managers and suppliers of products & services to the Strata Industry. (formerly known as the Institute of Strata Title Management).

Swimming Pool & Spa Association - Members of SPASA include leading pool builders, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, technical servicemen, subcontractors, installers, consultants and other allied trades, all of whom set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by setting standards of skill, workmanship and ethical business behaviour in the best interests of pool and spa owners.

UNSW City Futures Research Centre - Australia’s leading urban policy research centre aims to advance the understanding of Australia’s cities, their people, the policies that manage their growth, and their impacts on our environment and economy.


Government Bodies NSW

NSW Fair Trading - T: 13 32 20

- Consumer information for owners, landlords, tenants, strata schemes.

NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) - T: 1300 135 399

The Consumer and Commercial Division of NCAT resolves a wide range of everyday disputes such as tenancy and other issues relating to residential strata property, and disputes about the supply of goods and services.

Building Professionals Board - T:  02 9860 1800

- The BPB is an independent NSW government authority which accredits and regulates certifiers in NSW.   



Community Land Development Act 1989

- facilitates the subdivision and development of land with the advantages of both conventional and strata lots. It deals with plan requirements, plan registration, changes to the subdivision and dealings with the lots

Community Land Management Act 1989

- sets out the system for managing community schemes, precinct schemes and neighbourhood schemes in NSW, and a system for settling disputes

Community Land Management Regulation 2007

- provides operational and administrative support to the objectives of the Community Land Management Act 1989

Strata Schemes (Freehold Development) Act 1973

- provides a system of title which gives exclusive ownership of partof a building knownas a 'lot', and supporting rights over other parts of the building known as 'common property'

Strata Schemes Management Act 2015

- applies to strata schemes in NSW. It sets out the regulatory framework for the management of strata schemes by their owners and estabishes a dispute resolution process

Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016

- provides operational and administrative support to the objectives of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015


Other Resources

Community Schemes (NSW Land and Property Information)

Community Schemes (NSW Office of Fair Trading)

Galsworthy - issues in Sydney for strata living


Strata Schemes (NSW Land and Property Information)

Strata Schemes (NSW Office of Fair Trading)