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Instructions for using the OCN Forum

OCN Members can post new topics or replies to the OCN Forum via the website or via email - and can optionally 'Subscribe' to receive email 'Notifications' (emails) of other people's posts. 


Using the Forum via the OCN website

To Start a New Discussion

  • Log in to with your username (your email address) & password (click Request New Password if you've forgotten it)
  • Go to Forum on the home page, top right
  • Click on the Forum you wish to participate in
  • Click on "New Discussion"
  • This brings you to "Create Forum Discussion" template form
  • Enter a Subject to name your Topic
  • Enter your comments and click on "Save"
    • If you are asking for eg a referral, outline the location, size and age of your scheme
  • Your post will be emailed to everyone who is subscribed to the forum
  • The main subject will be that of the Topic
  • Other subscribers can reply either online or by email 

To Reply to a Forum post

  • Log in to with your user name & password
  • Go to Forum on the main menu 
  • Click on  the Forum you wish to participate in and then Click on your chosen Topic
  • OR click a link in the email, if you have received an email
  • Scroll down the page to "Post a New Comment" at the bottom 
  • Enter a Subject if you wish and write your Comment
  • Click on "Save"
  • An email will be sent to everyone
  • The main subject will be that of the Topic
  • Any further subject heading you have added will appear with your comment
  • Others can reply either online or by email 


Access the Forum Using Email


  • Does not allow attachments.  
  • Long urls will be cut off. You can use Google URL shortener to simplify a url.
  • If you use emoticons (eg smiley faces) your post will appear blank.


To Start a New discussion

  • Create a new email and send to
  • Choose a meaningful title for the Subject Line
  • All Forum subscribers will receive your email
  • Your name and email address is visible.


To Reply to an email

  • Choose "Reply" as you would for any other email
  • The "To" addressee box is automatically selected as
  • Your email is automatically sent to every forum subscriber ( there is no need to hit "Reply all" )
  • If you want to reply privately to the sender, simply go to the forum on the website (you will need to log in) -
    1. Click on Forum, top right of your screen.   
    2. Click on their name in their post to go to their contact page. 
    3. Click on the Contact tab to bring up an email form to email them.
  • Note - the Email Subject does not change throughout the life of the discussion
    • this is to indicate that all subsequent discussion relates to the original discussion Topic - in email and on the web - for archiving purposes
    • However you can add a 'Reply Subject' if you wish by just changing the subject of your reply
    • This is shown to others inside the body of your email, or on the web it will appear as the subject of your reply
  • if you want to change the Topic -  feel free to start a New discussion!


Why Not Subscribe to the Weekly Digest?

Every Wednesday you'll be emailed digest listing the week’s new posts and replies. Click on anything of interest to go to the full post stored on the OCN website. You'll need to log in to read more as this is members-only content, but it’s easy (simple steps below)!

To subscribe to the digest, simply:

  1. Login to OCN Website ​(click Request New Password if you've forgotten your password)
  2. On your user page, go to 'Newsletters'
  3. Click 'Manage subscriptions'
  4. Click 'Owners Corporation Network Forum Digest'
  5. Save
  6. If you are already subscribed to the forum, then you need to unsubscribe here so you don't get every email PLUS the weekly digest!

That's it.  A click through list of the week's conversations delivered to your inbox in a single email.  You choose if you want to read more.  Sound good?  


To Login to the OCN website, simply:

Type in your email address. If you have forgotten your password, click on the Request New Password tab above and choose a password (you can change this password any time you want).