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Opal Tower Tenancy Chaos Leads to Calls for NSW Help News 17 Apr 2019
32 Canberra construction sites shut down News 10 Apr 2019
Advocates accuse NSW government of failing to help apartment owners affected by flammable cladding News 12 Mar 2019
The Link Between Holiday Lets & High-Rise Cladding Fires News 06 Mar 2019
Cladding and cracking towers prompt call for royal commission News 06 Mar 2019
Labor Promises Strata Commissioner to Tackle Defects News 06 Mar 2019
NSW state election 2019: Labor to introduce strata commissioner if it is elected News 05 Mar 2019
Strata loophole leaves owners vulnerable even when NCAT is supposed to be on their side News 18 Feb 2019
Parliamentary Panic Behind Short-Term Letting U-turn News 13 Feb 2019
Election Connection as OCN Faces the Big Issues for 2019 News 06 Feb 2019
ACT government 'ignores' call to ease rates pressure on unit owners News 21 Jan 2019
Opal Tower failure reveals “broken system” News 09 Jan 2019
Baptism of Fire: Opal Tower's Challenge For Newly Formed Owners Corporation News 04 Jan 2019
For consumer protection buy a fridge, not a flat News 31 Dec 2018
The nightmare continues: Residents of Opal Tower face New Year's Eve misery as hotels fill with tourists - leaving them homeless News 30 Dec 2018
'Welcome to the Gypsy life': New Year's pain for Opal Tower residents News 30 Dec 2018
Unit owners count cost of cracks in the system News 28 Dec 2018
Ray Hadley Morning Show News 28 Dec 2018
Opal Tower: 'Fridge buyers have better consumer protection than apartment buyers' News 27 Dec 2018
Pity the poor resident apartment owners at Sydney Olympic Park News 26 Dec 2018