fire safety

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Serious questions at the Senate inquiry into building materials. Answers still pending. Article 27 Jul 2017
Push for audit of cladding on Newcastle buildings Article 26 Jul 2017
Thousands of low-rise Australian apartment blocks at risk of Grenfell-style fire, Senate inquiry warned News 19 Jul 2017
Insurance costs rise due to dodgy building materials News 19 Jul 2017
'Dodgy' safety certificates rife on building sites, Senate cladding inquiry told News 14 Jul 2017
Grenfell tower fire: Australian developers cutting corners and putting lives at risk News 13 Jul 2017
Fire risk and building controls: time for government to act instead of talking News 13 Jul 2017
Grenfell Tower investigation starting point is 80 deaths by manslaughter, police say News 10 Jul 2017
Prahran residents fear fire risk over flame-coloured facade News 07 Jul 2017
Why fire safety is more about people than products News 06 Jul 2017
Tenants' high-rise fears a new headache for apartment investors News 06 Jul 2017
An inquiry isn’t going to fix Australia’s broken construction sector News 06 Jul 2017
All new buildings across the north shore will be inspected for fire safety after Grenfell Tower incident News 05 Jul 2017
Victoria establishes taskforce to fast-track flammable cladding probe News 04 Jul 2017
Grenfell Tower fire compels ACT to establish building safety taskforce Article 04 Jul 2017
Government slammed for inaction on dodgy materials as Senate inquiry delayed again News 29 Jun 2017
Were Grenfell residents killed by political decisions? News 27 Jun 2017
London tower fire has lessons for Sydney News 26 Jun 2017
Manslaughter charges mulled as UK tower fire-safety crisis cascades News 23 Jun 2017
NSW government fails to act on proposed building industry reforms for almost two years News 22 Jun 2017