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Title Type Date
Buyer beware: Warnings of ‘rorts’ for new apartment buyers News 22 Apr 2019
Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Building Defects Scheme) Regulation 2019 Article 21 Mar 2019
For consumer protection buy a fridge, not a flat News 31 Dec 2018
Labor to Reform Building Industry to Promote Better, Safer Homes News 30 Dec 2018
ACT building regulator to shine light on company histories News 04 Dec 2018
Prominent ACT developer facing court action over allegedly poor work News 04 Dec 2018
'Really dodgy set of circumstances': Owners' legal action over defects News 03 Dec 2018
Housing Minister Warns Developers Losing Public Trust Would Be ‘Apocalyptic’ News 30 Nov 2018
Student accommodation developer GSA abandons Sydney strata renewal purchase News 19 Nov 2018
New laws award extra protection to off-the-plan buyers News 01 Nov 2018
NSW Supreme Court rules against sunset clawbacks in landmark win for buyers News 26 Sep 2018
2SER on Defects - Government To Pick Up The Bricks News 06 Sep 2018
New laws to Protect NSW Home Buyers News 23 Jun 2018
Off-the-Plan Buyers to Get More Protections News 23 Jun 2018
New Laws to Protect Off-The-Plan Buyers News 23 Jun 2018
Off-the-Plan Buyers to Be Given More Power News 23 Jun 2018
NSW property buyers to get greater protection for off-the-plan purchases under proposed laws News 23 Jun 2018
Owners in award-winning building near Newcastle left with huge repair bill for ‘significant defects’ News 21 May 2018
Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Building Defects Scheme) Bill 2018 Article 11 May 2018
Award-winning Landmark building at Charlestown has some problems News 09 Mar 2018