2. Building works

By-laws or ‘works’ guidelines can include some considerations to manage noise. For example actual works guidelines and by-law clauses are as follows:

Work Hours

Building work is permitted from 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday and from 9.00am to 1.00pm Saturday. No work is allowed on Sundays or public holidays. Silent works (eg. painting) may take place at any time if there is no impact on neighbouring apartments.

Noisy works (eg. concrete drilling, constant hammering etc) must not start before 9.OOam and are not permitted at all on weekends. You must give the Building Manager 48 hours written notice of such noisy works so your neighbours can be warned.

Extremely noisy equipment such as jackhammers, rotary hammer drills and similar may only be used for A SINGLE FOUR-HOUR PERIOD IN ANY GIVEN WEEK. It is your responsibility to ensure that your builder provides enough labour and equipment to carry out the required task within this four hour period.

During Installation

Whilst the Works are in progress the Owner of the Lot at the relevant time must:

a)      use duly licensed employees, contractors or agents to conduct the Works;

b)      use reasonable endeavours to cause as little disruption as possible;

c)      perform the Works during times reasonably approved by the Owners Corporation;

d)      perform the Works within a period of 3 month from their commencement or such other period as reasonably approved by the Owners Corporation;

e)      transport all construction materials, equipment and debris in the manner reasonably directed by the Owners Corporation;